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website copy (Google, SEO)

It’s not worth having a great looking website, if you can’t be found using keywords for your industry. A website build does not end following construction. A website must include words and content produced by a writer who knows about SEO copywriting. Our Elephant Copy content writer will ensure that you look like an expert. On the basis of the words that appear on your website and where they appear, the images; and the meta tags (those things that appear in the backend of your WordPress website), you will be found in natural search results, without having to pay.

At Elephant Copy we:

  • provide full keyword research reports and in consultation with you choose the keywords that are most appropriate to your business, your industry and your place amongst your competitors.
  • provide fully customised website copy, as well as metatags across your website; and assistance with GoogleMyBusiness to increase your search rankings based upon your physical location.
  • work with digital agencies building your website to create fully customised website copy (SEO).
  • provide an ongoing support relationship at an affordable price.

content marketing

Why is content writing important? Foremost because every business is online and in order to compete for top rankings on search engines, every business needs to produce content beyond the words on their website. But also, content marketing is an exciting opportunity. It allows you to tell the world about your brand and what you care about; share your knowledge and expertise; and get creative or fun. It will keep you fresh and looking good. Getting to know the people you are trying to attract or the people you engage with everyday allows others to see your business as not just engaged in the hard sell. It makes you more approachable and better understood. Content marketing includes writing regular blogs on topics in your industry and building your online profile as an expert, producing regular newsletters, and using social media.

At Elephant Copy we:

  • use our strong research skills to get to know you and your industry, quickly;
  • will work with you to produce regular newsletter campaigns using Mailchimp;
  • research and write blogs, articles and profiles with content relevant to your brand and industry;
  • write digital content that is always optimised for search engines with important SEO keywords, that do not compromise the message or its value to your brand.





social media marketing

Social media for business is an accessible way to promote what you do and interact with customers and clients. Even if you aren’t posting everyday, you need to be responsive to others. Remember it is social media social media and allows you to find out about others as well and hear what other’s think of you. Managing accounts, producing regular content, building a following and being responsive requires an investment in understanding your brand and your objectives, as well as the time to create something valuable.  With the right strategy and a good copywriter, social media content marketing works.

At Elephant Copy we:

  • write content and manage social media campaigns to build your brand and increase engagement;
  • manage social media across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+;
  • produce content optimised with keywords relevant to your brand and your business;
  • develop social media strategies for your business.

consultation reports

Consulting and engaging with the community is important for planning and for developing policy and strategy that is genuinely informed by the people it aims to address.  It assumes that the community has valuable knowledge that should be captured to help shape policy and the futures of their own communities. It is based on the assumption that larger organisations and governments are not the only source of knowledge and ideas. At Elephant Copy we assist in community consultations, capturing data and collating results into accessible, professional and  comprehensive reports.