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Apply To Glass

Apply To Glass

As part of work provided to support and promote Apply To Glass, a blog was written to tell the story of Shaynna Blaze using the services of Apply To Glass for a  renovation project broadcast on Foxtel’s popular TV show, Selling Houses.


Shaynna Blaze chooses window film from Apply To Glass


Apply to Glass was proud to feature on Foxtel’s, popular TV series, Selling Houses, recently. Hosted by Australia’s best known and talented interior designer, Shaynna Blaze, Shaynna sourced frosted window film from Apply To Glass to update and make improvements to a small cottage in Wollongong. The charming seaside cottage had a large garden, but prospective owners were put off by a lack of privacy to the kitchen and the garden from a multi storey apartment building that had been built on the adjacent block.

This is an increasingly common problem in suburbs where the value of otherwise very desirable, historic, freestanding houses, offering plenty of space for a garden, entertaining and a safe place for children to play, is compromised by a lack of privacy from neighbours.

Resolving privacy issues to windows from overlooking buildings can be difficult because many homeowners face having to balance their desire for privacy against a desire to maintain open, light-filled spaces. There is also the consideration of cost. Often more expensive structural changes to homes, like installing new window glass or moving windows is out of the question. In this situation homeowners are confronted by the immediate problem of finding an inexpensive and easy solution to privacy from neighbours, without making rooms dark and uninviting, or compromising on quality or durability.

With over twenty years in the industry and a long standing reputation with builders and designers like herself, Shaynna chose Apply To Glass to assist with the rescue of the Wollongong property. Shaynna  installed privacy window film from Apply To Glass on the windows in the kitchen. This achieved complete privacy, but still allowed natural light to fill the kitchen. The kitchen walls were also painted in a neutral, light colour, to maximise the natural light reflected off the walls and ensuring the kitchen remained a warm and inviting space.

Many people choosing to install frosted window film do not realise that window films can vary significantly in quality and durability, with the effects of sun exposure rapidly breaking down inferior films and causing unsightly deterioration and peeling. Apply To Glass has a reputation amongst designers, builders and architects for only using high quality frosted window film. The frosted window film that was installed on the kitchen window in the Wollongong cottage was the highest quality frosted window film that achieved the look of frosted glass at a fraction of the cost and will provide a long lasting, quality solution for the new owners of the cottage for years to come.

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January 24, 2016


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