Elephant Copy | Content marketing can make you sharp.
Without enough time and lacking in knowledge about how to create good content and generate ideas, many small businesses face the task of content marketing with resistance and a big headache. While some thought and time needs to be devoted to the task, the process of creating content can benefit a business in more ways than just essential online marketing requirements. The thinking process can assist a business to understand itself better, think differently and share knowledge that can grow a business in new directions.
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Content marketing can make you healthier, sharper and smarter.


Everyone in business knows it is important to be online; to have a website that makes you easy to find; to have a social media profile; and to be continually generating content. Is this relentless production process just another necessary evil to keep feeding the digital marketing juggernaut? It doesn’t have to be and in fact it can offer something much more valuable.

Spending a little bit of time thinking about content and themes for blogs, social media and website copy is a valuable practice for reflecting upon the purpose and value of what you do and to start considering how other people see you and what makes you different. Do you like what you see? Who would you like to be? What do you know?

Content creation enables you to share your knowledge; share what excites you; and perhaps get in touch with the original spark or reason that lit up your business dreams way back when. It is obvious, but true, that if you use digital marketing as a way to practice understanding who you are and what you do everyday, your business has the ability to grow stronger. You will know it and understand it better.

The opportunity through this process is to let your imagination take centre stage for a moment. New ideas are sure to emerge that may contribute to expanding or changing your business for the better. And if thinking this way is something unfamiliar, use it to exercise and stretch your brain. Doing the same thing everyday is the best way to slow you down and blunt your imagination.

If you can’t think of what you would like to write about in your blogs, think about interests you have that are related to your service or product. Ideas are sure to flow. Can you solve a problem? Perhaps the problem is not strictly one that can be solved with your product, but it may be associated with your product or service and you know the answer because you’ve dealt with it daily. Thinking this way can generate new connections and associations. It is now recognised that doing tasks differently and thinking in new ways, creates new neural pathways, due to the plasticity of the brain.

Having to begin generating ideas may feel overwhelming, but if you can stay the distance, it has the potential to achieve more than just meeting online marketing requirements.¬†And if writing is too far out of your comfort zone, or you simply don’t have time, you can still benefit from the task of thinking creatively about content ideas and themes, and employ a good writer to put your ideas into attractive prose. Think of all this as a practice to keep your brain healthy and alert while you make yourself smarter and your business look sharp. At a minimum, that’s got to be good for you, your family and your business.

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